International Trade Fair and Convention for Wearable Technology in Berlin



Why visit Wearable Berlin?


The trade fair scene has a new member: Wearable Berlin! In the start-up city Berlin there was missing a good possibility to get a cross-sector market overview of the latest developments of electronic devices worn inside or close to the body. Wearable Berlin wants to change this. We offer a unique and freely accessible platform at Germany’s leading fair and convention venue for trade visitors as well as for newcomers to the industry. We enable direct contact with established companies and wearables start-ups!


Fitness app, tracker bracelets, or pedometers - self-tracking is a major trend. More and more people record their activities and body data by means of sensor bracelets and evaluate them with special software programs. Especially in the healthcare and health provision sector, the little helpers offer many advantages. They provide support in disease diagnosis, therapy treatment, in controlling healing processes, the treatment of chronic diseases, in physical rehabilitation, emergency medical services and in primary care.


But the wearables technology is even more versatile. For example in the fashion-tech sector, with shirts which measure your heartbeat by installed electrodes. Or socks that make sure your foot position and rolling motion are correct while jogging. Biometrical sensors enable the identification of personal characteristics by means of the fingerprint to replace the password of your smartphone or of products from the health sector. Innovative product development, that consistently is

geared to the needs of the end consumers.


Also in the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) wearables already serve as an important human-machine interface, in the form of smart glasses - intelligent glasses that communicate with each other through the internet and provide the wearer with quick and easy information on a topical subject.


Especially in combination with Augmented Reality (AR) the small devices develop their full potential. This not only makes your everyday work-life easier, but also safer and more efficient, for example with regard to navigation using innovative gesture control and skin trackers.


Wearables have already entered various industries in a successful and groundbreaking way, but will also increasingly penetrate the day-to-day lives of consumers, observed in the use of smartphones over the last 8 years.


The Wearables market records double-digit growth rates, according to data of the market research institute GfK, the biggest German institute and the worldwide number five in the sector, on the new generation of connected consumers.


Wearable Berlin brings together the world's biggest technology companies, the most innovative start-ups, the biggest brands, and design companies. Pioneers of the industry meet the tech-savvy public, which means ideal opportunities to exchange brand-new insider information and to network with components suppliers and brand consultants.


Our Wearable Berlin convention panels will also go into more detail with further developments, progress, and latest innovations in product technology. Hot topics include highly flexible battery and storage systems, new insights into installed sensor technology, chipsets in use and optimized power consumption (Green-IT). We invite you to discuss about the industry’s roadmap, the meaning of quality standards, and regulatory requirements.



Convention Tracks & Panel Topics

clustered for

Tech * Beginners * Advanced * Strategies * HandsOn


  • Data Glasses & Head Mounted Displays
  • Healthcare & Digital Apps
  • Smart Textiles & Sensors
  • Performance Sports & Fitness
  • Sensors, Battery Technology & Supply Chain
  • Career Day & Personnel Future in the Sector
  • Legal, Ethical Aspects & Data Protection
  • Mobile Payments, Retail & Location Based Services
  • Start-Up Strategy & Finance Summit
  • Locational Advantages of the Start-Up and Wearable City Berlin



An interesting convention support program:


  • HandsON Speakers’ Corners
  • Women Digital Meet up
  • Live Product Demonstrations
  • IoT & Apps Developers



A visit at Wearable Berlin – is specifically targeted to:


  • Representatives of the healthcare sector, as wearables, apps and digital services are

currently revolutionizing the future interaction between doctors, patients, health insurances,

and the pharmaceutical industry.


  • Managers of industrial companies who want to inform themselves about the key technologies

and who want to be up-to-date to appropriately develop their products.


  • Retailers and retail chains who want to inform themselves about the latest trends and

draw conclusions regarding their assortment policy.


  • Investors who want to participate successfully in promising companies.


  • Managers and directors who want to personally experience the advantages

of the latest developments in wearable technologies.


  • Media representatives and technology bloggers who want to study the industry

and have background talks.


  • Beginners as well as hardcore gearheads interested in technology and the latest innovations.

Brand fans, early adopters, and trendsetters will also find something to pique their curiosity.

The melting pot Berlin already has a very lively start-up scene with currently about 3,000 tech-startups.

It has a magnetic effect on people interested in innovation, that’s why Wearable Berlin will also attract

a bigger circle of national and international visitors.



Wearable Berlin

Forum Factory

Besselstrasse 14

D-10969 Berlin

Cell: +49-175-99 66 701

Phone: +49-30-120 859 32



Trade Fair and Convention for Wearable Technology

October 20 to 22, 2017



Luckenwalder Strasse 4-6

D-10963 Berlin



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