International Trade Fair and Convention for Wearable Technology in Berlin




Berlin, May 29, 2017


Postponement of Wearable Berlin, realignment in spring 2019


Thank you very much for your interest to come, exhibit and speak at our event in Berlin. We are very sorry to tell you that we had to decide for reasons relevant to the market to postpone our trade show prematurely. An exact date for an event focused also on consumers will be announced for spring 2019 soon.




Berlin, March 23, 2017


Smart Ticketing

Wearable Berlin offers contactless NFC Trade Show Card for its visitors and exhibitors


The NFC Cloud Services specialists from pop that tag GmbH as our cooperation partners are designing a contactless NFC measurement card for visitors and exhibitors of the Wearable Berlin 2017 trade show. Something that has not yet been used very often in the exhibition and exhibition industry in Germany.


How does it work? An NFC tag is a mini-chip, which can be glued or sewn anywhere on which a specific target application is stored. Most smartphones of the newer generation are NFC capable. If you hold it on an NFC chip the saved menu opens similar to an app. No need for an app or something else. A technology of the future that will revolutionize many day-to-day operations. One speaks here also of the 'Internet of Everything'.


Near field communication (abbreviated NFC) is an international transmission standard based on RFID technology for the contactless exchange of data. Until now this technology has been used mainly in the area of micropayment - cashless payments - for small amount transfers. Our smart Wearable Berlin measurement card will has the following added values:


  • Contactless conversion directly with the smartphone without an app
  • Distribution of fair relevant content on the smartphone
  • Notification live system via e-mail for the convention and the Wearable Camp
  • Ad-on information about the event and the location Berlin
  • Public transport and taxis



Free ,white paper'



For all interested people we'll send such a free white paper on request:


Including data, facts, figures on current market developments as well as on the great potential of NFC technology. In this English market research study the NFC Cloud Services specialists pop that tag GmbH from Berlin describe the reasons why their technologies are bound to change the game. Including...


  • The hard impact of smartphones
  • We call it: The Internet of Everything
  • Why relevant content is indispensable
  • The last mile to the customer
  • Why you should cooperate with our trade fair partners,

why it would be a good chance to test the usability during the trade fair.


pop that tag GmbH

Geschäftsführer Gerrick Kammholz und Stefan Wolf

Wilhelm-Kabus-Straße 21-35, 10829 Berlin




Berlin, February 22, 2017


Head of the WearableCamp now in the care of FELDMANN & HELLMANN


The organizational support and co-planning of the full-day WearableCamp on Saturday 21 October 2017 is now in good hands with our recently acquired event partners, barcamp experts from the very beginning, at FELDMANN & HELLMANN.


Since 2007 the two Berliners have been organizing such thematic, corporate and open BarCamp formats in Germany: In addition to this still young community and its development with numerous own scientific publications and lectures at congresses and workshops. Frank Feldmann is a diploma in finance and barcamp evangelist, Kai-Uwe Hellman lectures as a professor of consumer and economic sociology at the Technical University (TU) in Berlin.


With the implementation of a barcamp during the nexus anniversary of the university rector's conference, the planning of such on the German-wide doctoral student's day of the association of German engineers and especially the design of three theme barcamps for the CeBIT, they have both experience in the implementation of barcamps in classical event formats as well as in the field of technical and digital topics.


In addition to the numerous features in the area of wearable computing, big data, cloud computing and the digitization of everyday life, both private and professional, are increasingly intertwined with each other and affect both business and everyones social daily life. Just like the barcamp format the wearable industry lives from constant innovation and creativity. That's why the call for more agile, hierarchy-free dialog formats became stronger.


A barcamp is part of such networks of 'unconferencing' and is an open meeting with open workshops. Its contents and sequences will be determined directly by all participants themselves at the beginning of the conference. It will be exactly the ideas, impulses and the great commitment of the participants, which make the WearableCamp to what it should be for everyone. The barcamp format which emerged in the San Francisco Bay Area in 2003 has a special foundation for the societal change within the framework of the digital revolution. Key features are exchange on the same level, participation and respect in dealing with each other.


Through the integration of a barcamp within the Wearable Berlin trade fair, these core features will be directly accessible to exhibitors and visitors. In this way surprises can be created and established standards can be overcome.




Berlin, February 20, 2017


Innovation: The second Wearable Berlin Convention Day becomes the WearableCamp


Typical for the barcamp format which is open in advance, participants actively shape the program with their own content. The principle of the barcamp format is: "No spectators, only participants!" As a result, each barcamp facilitates an intensive exchange of topics with a lot of space for presentations, discussions and interactions. All participants are actively involved, and the open atmosphere, combined with the possibility to design for themselves, leads to a very innovative, creative and participatory event.


After having breakfast together the WearableCamp starts on Saturday 21st October. At the beginning there will be no fixed program by concept. This will be determined by the participants of the WearableCamp on the spot within the framework of the session planning. At this point, you have the opportunity to present a topic that you are engaged in and you will discuss it with others during an own session. Such can be a prepared presentation but also a question or thesis to the crowd that you would like to exchange. Likewise you can actively participate in other sessions - or even talk off the program and make contacts naturally.


All participants of the WearableCamp are equally entitled! Hierarchies and other differences are deliberately and temporarily suspended to ensure an open and honest exchange on the same level. This highly integrative event format not only offers digital natives of generation Y but also digital immigrants the same chance to experience a very trustworthy opportunity to exchange ideas, questions and knowledge about all aspects of the ‘d!conomy’ and wearable computing branch.


Benefits for exhibitors and trade visitors


  • Participation in a new event format
  • Dialogues instead of monologues
  • High transfer of knowledge (wisdom of the crowd)
  • Wide range of innovative topics
  • Good foundation for the development of personal networks
  • Easy lead generation for exhibitors
  • Own topic-setting (exhibitors can position themselves)
  • Positive community experience


The round about 30 self-organized 45-minute sessions throughout the day, such as numerous lectures on praxiscases, live demonstrations and hands-ons, then deal specifically with the theme of the accompanying Wearable Berlin trade show and convention. It will be the ideas, impulses and the great commitment of the participants, who make the WearableCamp to what it should be for everyone.


A Twitter wall will document the lively exchange and the course of our event live on site and also to the outside. More information on ticketing and the soon to be used hashtag will follow soon. Some exciting topics such as theme-sponsors will be announced soon, also further various supporting knowledge partners.




Berlin, December 28, 2016


The International trade fair Wearable Berlin will take place with its Gadget Days from 20 to 22 October 2017 at venue STATION-Berlin. The trade show will be accompanied by a convention dedicated to the sector's trends and future perspectives.


Wearables or mobile electronic devices, worn inside or close to the body, is an enormous growth market. Wearables have been technologically possible for a long time, but are now also ergonomically efficient and economically profitable for companies: in 2016 more than 91 million wearables have been sold worldwide.


Wearable Berlin takes place annually as a trade fair in the German capital with an accompanying convention program. For the first time in Germany, about 100 national and international exhibitors will present a broad cross-section of all relevant fields of application in different industries and services. The first day will be restricted to trade visitors as a B2B event. On the weekend Wearable Berlin opens its doors to the startup city's broader public as Gadget Days.


The exhibitors are companies from the product and application development sector, health care, wellness, sports & fitness, smart textiles & fashion, jewellery, medical technology, safety & security, near-field communication (NFC), sensor technology, cryptocurrency as well as from the lifestyle, education & entertainment sectors. Specialized publishers, professional associations, research institutions, various service providers, and suppliers will also be present.


Wearable Berlin addresses specialist and managerial staff, Chief Information Officers (CIOs), Chief Digital Officers (CDOs ), investors, universities, research institutions, media representatives and private consumers. Our visitors come mainly from the sectors of product design, hardware, public health, diagnosis, medical insurance, fashion, competitive sports and fitness. We expect IT service providers, representatives of location-based services, payment, software and app development, occupational safety, law, compliance and data protection, business development, the agency scene and business consultants. In short: everyone is looking for innovative, mobile solutions, and key technologies for their industry or everyday life.


The convention accompanying the trade fair offers a great variety of interesting topics and new event formats that are attractive for managers and decision-makers, business angels, players from the augmented or virtual reality scene, key industry experts, early adopters, trend-setters, designers, analysts, consultants, retailers, entertainment specialists and media professionals.


The event and convention center STATION-Berlin offers 5,500 square meters of unique, high-quality and historic industrial space in the heart of Berlin with an excellent connection to the Berlin public transport network near Potsdamer Platz.


As regards sustainability, Wearable Berlin also takes on responsibility. The trade fair wants to consider itself a “Sustainable Trade Show“ as fast as possible, shows a strong commitment to sustainable action and supports the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions. Using a carbon-footprint calculator, the fair's climate assessment is being realistically estimated and compensated.



Wearable Berlin

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Trade Fair and Convention for Wearable Technology

October 20 to 22, 2017



Luckenwalder Strasse 4-6

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