Second Wearable Berlin Convention Day becomes the WearableCamp


On Saturday the 21st of October 2017 the WearableCamp will take place parallel to our trade fair Wearable Berlin as the first traditionally oriented barcamp dedicated to the topic of wearables or physically portable technologies. The organizational support and co-planning is in good hands with FELDMANN & HELLMANN at our event partners, Barcamp experts from the very beginning.


Just like the open-minded event format barcamp the wearable industry lives from constant innovation and creativity. That's why the call for more agile, hierarchy-free dialog formats became stronger. A barcamp is part of such networks of 'unconferencing' and is an open meeting with open workshops. Its contents and sequences will be determined directly by all participants themselves at the beginning of the conference. It will be exactly the ideas, impulses and the great commitment of the participants, which make the WearableCamp to what it should be for everyone.


This highly integrative event format not only offers digital natives of generation Y but also digital immigrants the same chance to experience a very trustworthy opportunity to exchange ideas, questions and knowledge about all aspects of the ‘d!conomy’ and wearable computing branch.


A Twitter wall will document the lively exchange and the course of our event live on site and also to the outside. Until then, there will also be some exciting offered theses such as theme-sponsors. Further knowledge partners will support us.



What is a Barcamp?


Enthusiasts understand the barcamp format as far more than a simple arbitrary event alternative:


For them it is an often-practised working method since years. Besides that not only the digital natives know since the first barcamps which were invented by Tim O’Reilly ("Web 2.0") 2003 in the San Francisco Bay Area. At this time it was recognised that the realization of innovations needs highly divers participants and a very intense form of dialogue and interactions among them.


The event format barcamp with its ITK affine founding history is particularly suited to the social change within the framework of the digital revolution. Who if not start-ups use these unconventional forms of encountering and networking with colleagues of different branches in a very agile way where the most different stake holders become active participants during the process?


The principle of the barcamp series is: "No spectators, only participants!"


The basic idea is that the whole content and the schedule of the barcamp lies completely in the hand of the participants. There is no rigid program organized in advance, with fixed topics and speakers, and there is no difference between speaker and audience. Each participant can and should be active with own topic proposals and subsequent sessions or be an active part of the debates in the sessions. Hierarchies and other differences are deliberately and temporarily suspended to ensure an open and honest exchange at eye level.


Each topic is permitted in principle. The plenum decides whether a session will take place. There are so many sessions at the same time as there are rooms for. At this point you have the opportunity to introduce a topic which inspire you thoughtfully and then discussing with others during a session. This can be a prepared presentation but also a question or thesis about which you would like to exchange views. You can also actively participate in other sessions. Or even off the program having talks and of course to make contacts.


All participants of the WearableCamp have equal rights, everyone dispenses with formality and begins to address each other by first name. Everyone has the same speaking time! Each barcamp facilitates an intensive exchange of topics in a relaxed atmosphere with plenty of room for interactive dialogue with professionals and committed participants.


Here experiences are exchanged, knowledge shared and deepened. Inhibition thresholds are being reduced in order to create transparency and to work out common solutions for typical problems. The open atmosphere in combination with the possibility to design by yourself leads to a very innovative, creative and participatory event. In the meantime the demand for such events is so great that more and more theme camps are being organized, which are devoted to specific aspects such as the WearableCamp. Especially by integration of the barcamp during our trade show Wearable Berlin these core features create an immediate experience for exhibitors and trade fair visitors.



Target group


Thematically appealing to all those interested in key technologies, early adopters, trendsetters, designers, analysts, consultants and media builders. You are invite for an intensive exchange of informal knowledge transfer and for interdisciplinary networking. Our WearableCamp may be addressed also to business executives, decision-makers, business angels, employees in the fields of product and application development. The augmented (AR) or virtual reality (VR) scene may also be represented here. Equally exciting input can be added from the sports and fitness sector as well as to the topic of smart textiles or smart jewelery. Also representatives from medical technology, health care, wellness, as well as from the lifestyle sector and the digital health movement are warm welcomed too.





The WearableCamp takes place on the first floor of our trade fair venue Station Berlin in Luckenwalder Strasse in Berlin-Kreuzberg. In addition to the large common area there are different rooms for parallel sessions. The ticket for this special event is also automatically accessible to the exhibition area on the same and following day.





The doors open on Saturday at 9:00.

We start with a coffee and a small breakfast together in the day. Until this time there is no fixed program. The schedule of the WearableCamp will be determined on a show of hands by all participants together within the framework of the session planning.


9:45 we open the WearableCamp in the plenum.

After the compulsory brief introductory round, the thematic session pitch takes place. The introductory stage at the beginning is an important ice breaker. All participants present themselves briefly with their names by three hashtags (catchwords). Interesting to know from everyone from which organizational unit they all come and what their personal preferred interest or thematic characteristic are.


The first actual sessions begin at 11:00.

Depending on the submission and pre-voting, 30 topics will then take place parallel in time throughout the day. Offered as 45 minute lectures on practical cases, live demonstrations, discussions or as hands-on. All submissions then deal with specific topics from the surrounding area of our trade show. http://wearableberlin.com/tradefair/goods.html


Lunch is scheduled for 14:00.

After the feedback round at 18:00 we end the day with a get together and after party.


When you’ll come to the barcamp, make sure you participate actively!

The WearableCamp is your barcamp! We only put up the tents.



Event documentation


"Talk about the WearableCamp! Let us all blog about the event!”

Report, tweet and take action like others, share your experiences and light bulb moments.


Please use as hashtag #wcb17


Communication, networking and strategies on sustainable knowledge assurance are important elements of each barcamp! For the barcamp follow-up and knowledge assurance we are looking forward to various findings: In addition to the appointments beforehand and ongoing reporting coverage via the social media channels of the people who take part also give part, relating to our financial supporters and our topic sponsors. As organizers we will provide you soon with the reports, recaps, wrap-ups and presentation documents that reach us during the period or which we could find after online from you all.



Head of the WearableCamp in the care of FELDMANN & HELLMANN


Since 2007 the two Berliners have been organizing such thematic, corporate and open BarCamp formats in Germany. In addition to this still young community and its development with numerous scientific publications and lectures at congresses and workshops. Frank Feldmann is a diploma in finance and barcamp evangelist, Kai-Uwe Hellman lectures as a professor of consumer and economic sociology at the Technical University (TU) in Berlin.


With the implementation of a barcamp during the nexus anniversary of the university rector's conference, the planning of such on the German-wide doctoral student's day of the association of German engineers and especially the design of three theme barcamps for the CeBIT, they have both experience in the implementation of barcamps in classical event formats as well as in the field of technical and digital topics.



Benefits for exhibitors and trade visitors


  • Participation in a new event format
  • Dialogues instead of monologues
  • High transfer of knowledge (wisdom of the crowd)
  • Wide range of innovative topics
  • Good foundation for the development of personal networks
  • Easy lead generation for exhibitors
  • Own topic-setting (exhibitors can position themselves)
  • Positive community experience





Why you should be a partner of the WearableCamp!


The WearableCamp provides the opportunity to be present among an opinion-forming target group in a relaxed atmosphere. Benefit on spot from diverse viral marketing effects. As a result of the special event format and the professional framework of the organization an environment is created in where partners and sponsors can feel very comfortable and successful:


  • Perception of your company in the run-up,

during and after the event by integration

into all communication channels

  • Intensive exchange with local participants
  • Media presence in new and established media

in the context of public relations

  • Insider information on current trends
  • Contact to prospective employees for their own company
  • Active social commitment



Why we need partners


The planning, design and implementation of the WearableCamp, logistics, catering and infrastructure issues must be secured financially and organizationally in addition to a moderate participation fee. Through sponsorship fees and in-kind payments we can offer the participants a professional event environment. Just talk to us and you will find out how it is already possible for a manageable investment to present your company as a partner on the WearableCamp. We are always open for ideas, individual sponsoring offers, property and services as well as for event and media partnerships.




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