International Trade Fair and Convention for Wearable Technology in Berlin


The Wearable Berlin Convention agenda is currently being developed. During the next weeks and months a few details and arrangements may still change. A final agenda will probably be published in early summer 2017.


Please note: Speakers will present either in English or in German. Simultaneous translation will unfortunately not be provided. The agenda indicates in which language, English or German, a speaker will present.



Recent changes to the event:

The second Wearable Berlin Convention Day becomes now the WearableCamp


The event concept for Saturday is conceived as a BarCamp, an "unconference" for which contents and schedules are determined by all participants in an active and collaborative manner in the morning. Our corporate WearableCamp will lead to a lively exchange of experience.


Typical for this open convention format is the principle: "No spectators, only participants!" All participants are actively involved, everybody has equal speaking rights. As a result the WearableCamp offers all participants an intensive exchange of topics with a lot of space for presentations, discussions and interactions. The open atmosphere, combined with the opportunity for everyone to contribute actively, leads to a very innovative, creative and participatory event. More about here.



Would you like to take part in the action?

This is our call for convention papers.


Any person receiving this Call for Papers who is aware of exceptional writing that meets the qualifications of this competition is requested to nominate the paper until April 30 directly to


Please submit an abstract of your paper along with an accompanying Power Point presentation. Submissions can be made in English (preferred) or in German.


All entries submitted will be peer-reviewed by the conference’s program committee. We will contact you if your submission is accepted and included in the Wearable Berlin convention program.


Giving feedback if you are accepted as a speaker – or a recommendation for a poster exhibition.

Do you have questions, need information or just want to tell us something? Please do not hesitate to contact us.


First day


09:00 Check-in


09:20 Conference Welcome & Opening Remarks



09:30 Keynote Address



10:00 Speech Panel 1 - What are the latest trends in the wearable sector around the world?


10:30 Speech Panel 2 - Fashion-Tech and Digital Lifestyle



11:00-11:30 Coffee Break



11:30 Speech Panel 3 - German * Wearable City Berlin – Smarte und innovative Lösungen


12:00 Speech Panel 4 - How leading companies are creatively using AR and VR to transform

their stores, catalogues into an immersive, seamless customer experience


12:30-13:30 Lunch


13:30 Speech Mix Presentations - Pecha Kucha


14:30 Speech Panel 5 - German * Wie unterstützt man medizinische Laien: Was tun bei Herzstillstand?


15:00 Speech Panel 6 - German * Zukunftsfähige Modelle der Patientenversorgung

mit Wearables, Apps und E-Health



15:30-16:10 Coffee Break


16:10 Speech Panel 7 - What are the major risks? What lessons can Europe learn from the US?


16:50 Speech Panel 8 - Attracting new investors to mid-sized companies


17:20 Wearable Berlin Awards Presentation / Innovation Forum


18:00 Show Closes & Networking Party starts




Second Day


09:00 Check-in


09:20 Conference Welcome & Opening Remarks



09:30 Keynote Address



10:00 Speech Panel 1 - First insights of german industry 4.0 projects


10:30 Speech Panel 2 - German * Wie verbessern wir Multitasking?



11:00-11:30 Coffee Break



11:30 Speech Panel 3 - German * Ultimative Big-Data-Devices:

Dem Kunden so nah wie nie zuvor!


12:00 Speech Panel 4 - What does the consumer of the future want?



12:30-13:30 Lunch



13:30 Speech Panel 5 - German * Alles besser oder bloß alles nachmachen?


14:00 Speech Panel 6 - Improvement of artificial intelligence


14:30 Speech Panel 7 - German * Wo sind Anreize zum Self-Care notwendig?


15:00 Speech Panel 8 - German * Marken, Produkte, Services als hilfreiche

Begleiter im Alltag der Nutzer besser etablieren?



15:00-16:00 Coffee Break



16:00 Speech Panel 9 - German * Wearables aus ethischer und juristischer Perspektive


16:45 Speech Panel 10 - Does IoT make products smart but hackable?


17:15 Speech Panel 11 - How music affects sports performance and motivates people


18:00 Show Closes & FuckUp Night starts



Third Day


09:00 Check-in


09:20 Conference Welcome & Opening Remarks


09:30 Keynote Address - Berlins competitive advantage offers with focus on the wearable biz


10:00 Speech Panel 1 - Wearable history: From utopia towards new realities


10:30 Speech Panel 2 - Case study: Success stories from the world of wearables?


11:00 Speech Presentations - Pecha Kucha


12:00 Speech Panel 3 - What makes the perfect sports wearable device?


12:30-13:30 Lunch


13:30 Speech Panel 4 - Wearables at work - Three trends for the next three years


14:00 Speech Panel 5 - First insights of German Industry 4.0 projects


14:30 Speech Panel 6 - German * Fokussierung auf den Nutzer: User Experience + Usability


15:00 Speech Panel 7 - German * Wie Innovationen unser Leben verändern



15:30-16:00 Coffee Break



16:00 Speech Panel 8 - Cheat your brain - Perception in virtual reality


16:30 Speech Panel 9 - German * Gesundheitsdaten werden zur Währung versus Datenschutz


17:15 Speech Panel 10 - German * Wie können digitale Entwicklungen eine komfortablere

Lebensform im fortgeschrittenem Alter absichern

und die Gesellschaft entlasten?

18:00 Wearable Berlin Show closes / See you next year again...


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Trade Fair and Convention for Wearable Technology

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